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About Us

As a trusted name in the commercial mortgage industry, Commercial Mortgage Lenders LLC offers professional assistance for assessment of loan portfolios and valuation of real estate properties. At CML, we are highly experienced business owners ourselves, and our clients trust our expertise and knowledge to ensure their individual commercial mortgage needs are fulfilled to their absolute satisfaction.

Alan Goodman

With his results-oriented strategy, Alan has proven successes in both residential and commercial financing. Recognizing problem solving for growth as the key to commercial success, Alan utilizes strategic thinking to single out and prevent issues impacting growth. His ability, combined with his experience in analyzing and evaluating loan packages, has allowed him to develop a proven track record of increased sales and profitability in small businesses.

Alan began buying and selling real estate in 1985. Before founding CML with Keith, Alan was president of The Goodman Group, LLC and at AFC Mortgage, Inc. In his career, Alan has represented buyers and sellers of REO properties, leased for both landlord and tenants, and bought and sold raw land, retail, commercial, and multi-family properties. The combination of his professional experiences has made him an expert in all phases of residential and commercial lending, from conventional to SBA, bridge, and hard money loans, and financing and refinancing options.

Keith J. Hoffman

Keith’s career spans more than forty years in the mortgage banking and consumer finance industry. He has held many senior positions with national lenders and was a general partner for over seven years with a large mortgage banking firm in Atlanta, Georgia.

His expertise in the areas of business management, development, sales/marketing, production, strategic planning, financial planning, staff development, operational policies and procedures have afforded him the opportunity of working with a knowledgeable and quality staff through the years.

Commercial, residential and consumer lending have been an integral part of Keith’s career both in the corporate world and private sector.

Through his numerous contacts in the financial industry Keith has been fortunate to develop a strong client base of commercial, residential and consumer based lenders.